Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adventures in Weight Loss

(by Jennifer)
I did it! I reached my weight loss milestone! It has been a 22 week journey to reach this place 23 pounds lighter and it is a great place to be. This journey has been full of unexpected surprises, for example single digit clothes sizes, I like exercise and ice cream isn’t my favorite dessert just to name a few.

I started this journey to feel better and be healthier. As soon as my activity level increased and I ate healthier I felt better every day, even before I lost any weight. There have been many hurdles along the way. Some of the things I’m learning to over come are snacking while I’m reading, watching TV, out of boredom or stress. I have also identified some food I should stay away from, some people call these trigger foods, (I don’t like that term any more than I like the “D” word), two are peanut M&M’s and diet soda. I really am going to miss diet Coke; but not enough to trade it for playing baseball in the yard with my kids.

The journey continues.

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